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3 easy steps

How to use Face to All

Turn your face photo into art in just a few clicks. Follow these simple steps and watch the magic happen!


Upload the Face Photo

Begin by uploading a clear, front-facing photo of yourself or someone you wish to stylize. Make sure the face is well-lit and centered in the frame for the best results.


Select a Style

Choose your desired art style from our diverse gallery. From classic oil painting to modern digital art, select a style that reflects your personal taste.


Generate the Stylized Portrait

With your photo and style selected, hit Run and let our AI do the rest. In moments, your personalized, stylized portrait will be ready to admire and share.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Face to All is a technology that uses artificial intelligence to transform your face photo into a stylized portrait. You can choose from a variety of art styles and customize your portrait to your liking.
  • Yes! You can use it online for free. However, there are some limitations on the free version. You can upgrade to a premium plan to unlock all features.

  • Yes! You can use any photo that you have the right to use. We recommend using a high-quality photo for the best results.
  • Yes! We take your privacy and security very seriously. We do not store your photos or any other personal information.

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